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EQ Music: Emerging Artist: Ace Harper

EQ Music: Emerging Artist: Ace Harper
September 16, 2017 Ace
In Press

I wish there were more ladies like Ace Harper emerging on the new music scene. Week in, week out my inbox fills up with pitches for up and coming female artists that quite frankly, lack originality and do nothing to stand out from the crowd. The moment press came in on Ace Harper I knew she would be one to make me think differently.

There is the obvious striking image. Ace is fashion-forward and sassy in that department which we may assume implied she’d fit in the same category as Paramore’s Hayley Williams or Shirley Manson of Garbage, as an upfront and larger than life persona. Debut single “Neon Heart“, indicates otherwise, which is less hard and feisty as you might at first expect. What we discover is all rather dreamy with a nod back to the era that brought us the romanticism of new wave.

In visual terms, Ace Harper is going to find herself compared to Debbie Harry and to a degree, this can also be extended to the whispery style vocals she delivers on this track. The music video feels as though it has more in common with Stg. Pepper with its trippy psychedelic look. When in actual fact, if you have been paying attention to the lyrics, you will understand it is translating the girl empowered narrative. Ladies, can you feel it?

At last an emerging female artist with a real identity and, an interesting voice that I’d like to hear more of.

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Connect with Ace Harper
Twitter: @aceharper

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