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Nice People Only: Ace Harper

Nice People Only: Ace Harper
February 10, 2017 Ace
In Press

Ace Harper

Studio Date

June 20, 2016


Singer / Songwriter / Professional Dancer

What’s your biggest goal in life?

To be happy.

How much is songwriting a catharsis and how much is it a craft? How much is art and how much is commerce?

Art in my life has always been an escape. It has always saved me. It started out as my dancing and now in my music. I think my goal is always to say something that I really care about and to love the song. Art always comes first for me. I’d rather not do it than to put something out for a shallow reason.

What comes first? Melody or lyrics?

For me lyrics come first. I come up with a song title or concept and then write down a lot of cool imagery and what I want to say. Bowie used to put words he liked in a bag then pull them out and make amazing lines full of imagery.

What’s your idea of misery? What’s your idea of bliss?

Being around fake or shallow hollywood type people. Also Donald Trump becoming President? Being in my creative mode or being on the beach with my french bulldogs.

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