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If we tell the truth to each other, we empower each other….

If we tell the truth to each other, we empower each other….
September 27, 2017 Ace
In Editorial

If we tell the truth to each other, we empower each other. It helps us understand that there’s no such thing as perfect. There’s unique, but not perfect.” Gloria Steinem

I finally released my first single, Neon Heart. It has been such a long process but it feels so satisfying to have my art out in the world! I wrote this song about the undeniable resilience of women. We have an incredible amount of emotional strength.

When I was writing Neon Heart, I had the vision of this internal light that every woman possesses…I often see colorful pictures in my head first and then the words come. I’m such a visual artist first, that is the most natural form of communication to me. I’m still working on my verbal skills to transmit emotion, that is still very foreign.

I hope to continue this narrative about feminism and the misogyny that women still face. We have to be bold and put ourselves out there, sit at the table (As Sheryl Sandburg says) and be unapologetic about who we are.

This song is also about women supporting women which to me is obviously something that still needs attention given how many white women still voted for Donald Trump. However, my hope was renewed when I attended the woman’s march this year!

In the video for Neon Heart I collaborated with some amazing artists. Daniel Iglesias Jr., ENDS (the neighbourhood, X-ambassadors) directed the video. Justin Hantz did the incredible motion graphics and we really wanted there to be a message in the collage art as well. That’s why you see sexualized images of women turned into a powerful meaning.

Tracy Phillips (Prince, Madonna) my choreographer and I just speak the same creative language. She is my partner in crime and right hand woman. I literally finished the song with producer Justin Raisen (Charli XCX, Sky Ferreira) the day before the video shoot, rehearsed some movement with my dancers that night and just went for it on set. I’d like to think it was very punk rock and in the moment. That overhead choreography with the girls reading magazines is everything! (Way to go Tracy!)

I hope everyone loves the song and video as much as I do. I’m grateful to have so many wonderful collaborators and such an amazing team.

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